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Just wanted to take a minute a give credit to Tim Kimberl for the Aqua Styled WordPress theme he created. I have had this WordPress theme sitting on my harddrive for quite some time and I have no idea how to reach Tim.
All of the styles and images with the exception of my little angry fly image were created by Tim. I tweaked the styles a little to work with BlogCFC but for the most part, its what Tim layed out.
I am going to finish packaging the theme and making a few tweaks to work with my BlogCFC theme engine and then release it here for anyone to use.

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  1. Hard to tell who you are, since no names are attached to the posts and there’s no about page, but, thanks! I’ve been considering a theme engine for a while for BlogCFC but I’ve got too much on my plate to consider it. Will there be a way to plug new themes into the engine very easily?

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