Enter The Era Of BlogCFC

I decided that after making a living coding ColdFusion for almost 8 years now, I should be blogging on a CF based blog vs. the WordPress PHP based software that I had been using. WordPress was simple to setup and it was just plain easy. I didnt want to have to deal with ‘more’ CF stuff than I was already dealing with at work.
But, I started a new job last week with a small company that uses CF extensively in all of its web-based payment products and something about the change has renewed my vigor when it comes to ColdFusion. I admit I was getting stale, bored with it. I had been using Fusebox for over 6 years and was kind of excited to try Model-Glue and some of the new stuff around but I still didnt have the interest to sit here night after night working CF code.
I have been playing with Fusebox 5 alot lately and ColdSpring as well and I am really enjoying working on CF stuff again. So I decided to take the plunge and setup Ray Camdens latest version of BlogCFC. The setup was really quite simple and as you can see, I have strayed quite far from the default look-n-feel by modifying all of the layout files. I am working on a themeing engine now that will make it much easier to create themes for the blog since I like to change my theme quite frequently. If you have a CF host and havent tried BlogCFC, head over to Ray’s site and check it out!

One thought on “Enter The Era Of BlogCFC”

  1. What do you think of the admin interface? Does it have auto-saving of drafts like WordPress does? What about all the fancy eye candy that WordPress has?

    Last time I tried BlogCFC I was sorely unimpressed. Installed WordPress and I was *amazed* at all the features, and the hundreds of plugins available to extend the functionality.

    Have you looked at Mango Blog? I haven’t used it, but I know some people that have tried it and were pretty impressed.

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