Google Code!!

The ever-expanding Google Empire has moved into a new space with the release of Google Code. Its akin to SourceForge and Tigris in that it provides services for opensource projects. You get a built-in Issue Tracker, Subversion repositories, and all kinds of neat little tools. I setup a project on there to see what the interface was like and I was quite impressed with its simplicity.
Even though Im a contributor to 4 different projects on SourceForge, it has always been a bit “overcomplicated” to me. At first there was a HUGE learning curve and tons of documentation to read on trying to get the CVS access setup and the file upload setup to release builds. After 4 or 5 years now it seems like second nature but I remember being very frustrated with it for weeks when I first got started.
The Google Code project is MUCH simpler. Its interface like all things Google is very clean and uncluttered. The management interface has a vew options that provide most all the functionality you will need without over-compicating things.
One caveat is that you must have a gmail account in order to setup a project but I would assume that most people have at least one now.
Head over to the Google Code page and get your OpenSource projects setup now and remember to always, “Release Early, Release Often”!!

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