CFEclipse Tweaks: Fusebox Specific

Im a recent CFEclipse convert. I have tried to make myself use it many times before but after a few days I didnt feel like I was being very productive so I would always go back to either Homesite+ or DreamWeaverMX and never look back. Over the last 2 weeks I installed CFEclipse and removed DreamweaverMX and Homesite from my box completely in an attempt to “make” myself get used to coding in it.
At first it was a little rough as usual, but once I started playing with all of the settings and tweaking things the way I want it, I really found myself enoying using it. I have found a few plugins that make it easier to do some development and discovered a few tweaks that really helped me to get over the “hump”.
I will be doing a few entries of some of the things that I have found to make my life a little easier with Eclipse.
Today after talking with a few guys on the Fusebox 5 mailing list and playing with the code coloring options, I finally found a way to get my fusebox.xml.cfm and circuit.xml.cfm files to use syntax highlighting. By default Eclipse just uses the CFEclipse editor for them since there is a file type of *.cfm in the file associations preferences. So I thought that I could just add a new file association called *.xml.cfm and point it to my xmlbuddy plugin editor. Well that didnt work. So after maybe 30 minutes of digging through settings, I realized that you could put a whole filename into the file associations and assign an editor to it. So I added both of those file names and assigned xmlbuddy as the editor. Now my xml configs in fusebox are all syntax highlighted!
Stay tuned for more.

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