I have been seduced by the dark side…

Well, maybe its not quite that dramatic. And its definately not that dark! What in the world am i rambling about? Well, I finally took the leap and replaced my main desktop/development machine with a Mac. I have been wanting to buy one for quite some time but I have been known to play a game of Counter-Strike Source or Battlefield 2 from time to time and since gaming support on Mac has been shoddy at best, I couldnt justify having 2 machines that cost so much money.
Since Apple made the switch to Intel chipsets and they released the Bootcamp beta software that allows you to run Windows XP in a dual boot configuration, I plain ran out of excuses not to buy one.
I picked it up last night from the Apple store in the Mall of Millenia in Orlando, FL. That was my first trip to an Apple store and I have to say, I was pretty impressed.
I bought the 20″ Widescreen iMac with the 2GHz Core Duo processors and its awesome. The display is absolutely gorgeous!! I have 2 Samsung 930b 19″ LCDs that I run on my windows box and I always thought they were great. That is until last night when I had the iMac running right next to one of the LCDs. It just made the LCD look dull and washed out.
I have spent quite a few hours getting everything installed and setup the way I want it and Im still not quite done. I had to take a break to play Counter-Strike on the Windows partition for a few hours. I was impressed with how well it runs the game.
I have CFEclipse up and running with the host of plugins that I like. Subclipse is all hooked up to the Trac_Fu repository and I have MySQL installed so now I can get back to coding!!
If you have considered switching to a Mac, I HIGHLY recommend you find an Apple store in your area and go check out the machines. You will not be disappointed!

3 thoughts on “I have been seduced by the dark side…”

  1. Hey! Congrats!

    However, it isn’t the ‘dark side’ if you ask me… it is like going to the light! Now, you’re in heaven 🙂

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