After using Trac for sometime now in our production environment, I have come across quite a few things that I like about it and several things that I dislike about it. This being the case, I decided that I would take it upon myself to write my own issue tracker. I am not very good with Python so I could probably rewrite a system in ColdFusion twice as fast as I could modify Trac to do what I want. So the Trac_Fu project has been born. Trac as in “Trac” obviously and Fu as in “coldFUsion

“. So Im not the most creative namer in the world!
Sticking true to my roots, I am developing it in Fusebox. Im currently using the newly released Fusebox 5 and as of today, Im using Reactor for the back-end model. Progress is pretty good. The stylesheets are mostly done. I have several of the list pages done, most of the database is ready. Speaking of the database, its basically modeled after the Trac database so that I can entertain the idea of porting existing items from Trac to Trac_Fu.
Im using the JavaSVN libraries to hook into subversion as well. Im only going to concentrate on getting the changesets pulled into Trac_fu for the first release. Then the source browser features will follow.
I hope to have some screenshots for you by the first of the week.

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