Feeling a little behind the times already…

I’ve been playing PC games for the better part of 10 years now and pretty heavily over the last 7 years. I’ve bought the “latest and greatest” video cards and all types of hardware just to stay ahead of the curve. It seems like technology is moving so fast that as soon as you buy the best thing on the market, the new stuff comes out with better specs and its half the price. Im pretty used to that coming from the pc world though. But I just got a huge smack in the face from Apple that I wasnt quite expecting.
As you can tell from my previous post, I just bought my first iMac and have been very happy with it. That hasnt changed, Im still very happy with it and Im finding more things everyday to like about it. But I just took a stroll over to the apple.com site as I do frequently hoping to see some new previews of the upcoming Leopard release and was greeted by a big sign that kind of made me feel like a jackass.
Apple just released a new line of iMacs including a stunning 24″ widescreen model which I can image is incredible. The thing that gets me is that I just bought my 20″ model 3 weeks ago and paid $1809 for it from the Apple store in Orlando, FL. Now 3 weeks later they introduce a new 20″ model with twice the ram, a faster processor and a brighter display, “a full 40% brighter” according to the apple.com site and its only $1499!! Damn thats aggravating!!
Sometimes I feel like I just cant win!! My timing sucks!!

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  1. Yeah, that’s always a concern and frustration. I’m getting ready to buy a Mac Pro, and I’m nervous because there are rumours that Apple will be putting out an 8-core Mac sometime after Nov 15.

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