RIAForge and AntFarm

RIAForge.org has officially opened its doors as of yesterday and I must say Ray Camden has done a fine job! Its a very nice site. What is RIAForge you ask? Well, in a nutshell its a site for hosting opensource initiatives based on Adobe’s technologies such as ColdFusion, Flash, Flex and the likes. There’s even a Photoshop section!

RIAForge offers you an issue tracker, blog, forums, and subversion support right out of the box. Very nice. So nice in fact that I have set AntFarm up on RIAForge. You can find it at antfarm.riaforge.org.

I committed the first version of the source to subversion today. Its a working version but not all the features are implemented yet. Still alot of work to do by far.

No documentation yet either. This has been a rough week at work since I have put in about 70 hours so far and its only Thursday night!

I will try and get some of the documentation up with it and do some general cleanup on the code and create a zip of the 0.0.1 release this weekend.

5 thoughts on “RIAForge and AntFarm”

  1. Well..not really sure. I havent messed with it in many months. Due mainly to a new job and house. And Im spending plenty of time working on a few other projects. I have wanted to do something with it but I just dont have time right now.

  2. Is it somehow possible to use you AntFarm without Fusebox 5, because i use Mach-II. And i do not like to install all other Frameworks like FB5, MG etc. to use some good tools ;-(

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