Sniffing the Model-Glue….

I’ve been coding ColdFusion applications for about 8 years now and I consider myself to be a pretty good developer. I have used Fusebox for every app I have built going all the way back to 1999. I follow pretty sound coding practices and read all the blogs and try to keep up with whats going on in the CF Community. But for some reason, I am just not getting a handle on this Model-Glue thing!
I have spent almost all day today setting up Model-Glue:Unity and trying to get a simple app up and running using a few CFC’s and some views. I read the Model-Glue Quickstart in the documentation and managed to get the basic application template up and running but thats about the extent of it. I feel like someone has Model-Glued my head to the table and then flipped it upside down on me.
I know there is something that I am just missing or not grasping that is preventing me from moving forward with it but I cannot put my finger on it. No matter how many times I go through the code, or read a tutorial or refer to the documentation.
Maybe I have just been doing Fusebox for too long and have no experience with any other frameworks. Maybe my brain just thinks in fuses and circuits and then short-circuits when I try to alter the way that I think about an application.
Im not going to give up but, WOW, I certainly need a break so Im going back to doing some Fusebox development for the evening. Ahhh, the comforting feeling of something familiar!

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