Trac_Fu Progress, SVN Browser Support and a New Home

The Trac_Fu issue tracker is coming along nicely! The project has a new home over on and development is moving right along. I found over on Rick Osbornes site that he had blogged about building a Trac replacement in ColdFusion and mentioned using his CFDiff Subversion browser as component of that. The guys on the ColdFusion Weekly podcast had talked about it shortly after Ricks blog post so I decided to integrate it into Trac_Fu to help fill that void.

Rick did a good job with the svn browser. It didnt take much work at all to get it to work in my Fusebox5 framework for Trac_Fu. So far I only have it supporting one repository but that will change VERY shortly since Trac_Fu has support for multiple projects.

The great Ray Camden has granted permission to use his Canvas Wiki engine as the Wiki backend for Trac_Fu and I must say that this is coming along nicely! Since Canvas was originally written in Model-Glue, its taking a bit of refactoring to get it work with Fusebox5 but basically Im just passing in the contentVariables and allowing the Canvas CFC to render all the links and then displaying that back to the screen. So almost every page is being rendered using the wiki. Ray had enough fore thought to add in the ability to write your own rendering additions and this has really aided in the ability to add the TracLinks style wiki links so that you can reference ticket numbers and revisions in the svn browser quite easily.

As just a bit of a teaser, I thought I would post the first screenshot of Trac_Fu actually running Ricks svn browser showing the Trac_Fu repository over on

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