AntFarm and Trac_fu… A Match Made In Heaven??

While working on Trac_Fu tonight, I had the idea that it would be nice to be able to create builds right out of the issue manager since you can manage multiple projects in Trac_Fu. Taking this into consideration, I am considering merging AntFarm and Trac_Fu into a single application.

Since both applications are written in Fusebox5, it would be super simple to integrate AntFarm right into Trac_Fu.To me it just makes sense. You can view the sourcecode and do diffs on the sourcecode right within Trac_Fu, why not be able to create a build from there as well? The auto-versioning in AntFarm could be pulled from the versions that you create in Trac_Fu as well. I just see lots of possibilities, but Im afraid of the “kitchen sink” effect so Im a bit hesitant to do it right now. Just kinda tossing the idea around.

Does this make sense to anyone but me? Or is there benefits to having them as two seperate applications? I would love to hear any feedback on the subject.

4 thoughts on “AntFarm and Trac_fu… A Match Made In Heaven??”

  1. I can see that it would be nice for some to have the two working together, but you may turn away others away from Ant Farm because they already have something like ‘trac’ or ‘lighthouse’ to track their issues, Maybe there should be an option to run them separately?

  2. Yeah, I can definately see the merits of both. Im really wanting the integration but like you said, I dont want to leave folks out who dont want to switch their issue tracker.

    On the flipside of that though, I really dont want to maintain 2 different codebases. Im going to look at the possibility of using the cfc’s from AntFarm in Trac_Fu so that I can only maintain one set of core functionality.

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