Trac_Fu 0.1 Release By Next Week

I have really been cracking down on the Trac_Fu project lately. I have put off working on AntFarm until I get this first release out the door. I’m currently working on finishing up the security code and making sure that it runs on Linux with MySQL. Up until yesterday the whole thing was written on Windows and OS X with a SQL 2005 backend.

I decided to install Ubuntu on my new XPS 700 gaming rig on a seperate hard-drive so now Im building out the MySQL database so I can run it against that just to make sure that everything works as expected. I am hoping to have the demo site back up by the end of the week with the latest build running on it.

The first release should be ready next week. I have to go home for the weekend so thats going to cut into my development time pushing the release back a few days but I think it will be worth it.

The only major feature that Im putting off until a later release is the Timeline feature that Trac currently has. The milestone/roadmap sections are complete, all the wiki functionality is complete with the exception of being able to link to revisions in the svn browser but I hope to have that knocked out by tomorrow night.

This is not turning out to be a 1:1 port of Trac. Im adding all kinds of things that I liked about other bug trackers like Ray Camdens Lighthouse Pro.

8 thoughts on “Trac_Fu 0.1 Release By Next Week”

  1. Yes, I know. I have been extremely busy with work and other things. I have one fix left to implement before its ready for primetime and I hope to get it completed this week if time permits.

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