Gaming is a TRUE timekiller!!

Well, as you can tell from my last post I was hoping to release a 0.1 version of Trac_Fu last week. Unfortunately I also purchased a copy of Battlefield 2142 for my new gaming pc about the same time that I made that post. Big Mistake!!

Dont get me wrong, the game itself is excellent. The problem is that I have been playing online games with a group of friends for about 7 years now and they are all online playing this game now. I have spent anywhere from 3 to 6 hours a day playing this game with them online. Its totally addicting!

I am really going to try and climb out of the Battlewalker, put down my Bauer-H36 Assault rifle and focus on getting Trac_Fu out the door this weekend.

Thanks to those of you who have sent emails inquiring about the status of the project. Maybe I can buckle down and get this thing out the door for you all to play with.

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