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I am in the process of finalizing the first release of Trac_Fu and something just occurred to me. During exporting the database scripts for SQLServer, I have no option for including INSERT statements for the default data.

I use PHPMyAdmin to export my MySQL scripts and I can include inserts for all of the default data that goes with the database. But when looking through the SQLManager 2005 client, I cant find anywhere to allow me to add the inserts, it only generates the scripts for the database objects themselves. I guess I’ve never really had a need for this feature on any application that I’ve built for MSSQL before.

My question is what tools to do you guys use for exporting your MSSQL databases with data into scripts?

I just realized that the default scripts that the 2005 client generates will not run in MSSQL 2000 either. I guess Im going to need a third party tool to export the MSSQL scripts so they will run on either version.

Let me know what you guys are using currently.

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  1. Personally all I do is use the export wizard and export it into a tab seperated file. This make it very easy to import into any database. All database platforms have some sort of import wizard that will take a tab separated or comma separate value file. It is also good if you want to open the exported file in Excel or your favorite text editor and edit or look over the data. Also good as a poorman’s back.


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  2. @Russ,

    The Sql Script Builder tool has great multi-database support. It will generate scripts from pretty much any database including MSSQL Server, Oracle, MySql and Postgres (newly added).

    What I like most about this tool is I can generate a MSSQL database from a MySql database. Sql Script Builder is also free, which is nice. Maybe give it a test drive?

    Here is the link for the application:

    Dan Wilson

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