Wow… the holidays are finally over!!

Man, this was the busiest holiday season I have had in a LONG time. I havent had time to work on any of my projects due to spending massive amounts of time with my family. Well, now things are finally getting back to normal.

I have had quite a few emails from people about the Trac_Fu project wondering what the status was and offering some code for certain functions as well as letting me know that the HEAD revision of the SVN repo on wasnt quite useable without some tweaking. I figured I would take a few minutes before starting to working on it and let everyone know what the status is.

For starters, the SVN repo is not completely up-to-date. I have quite a bit of code that has not been committed as well as the updated database scripts. I have one final change that I am making to the history section of editing tickets and I will be releasing the first “official” release. I planned to have it done quite some time ago but Life got in the way.

I will post as soon as its ready.

On a brighter note, I got myself a shiney new Macbook Pro for Christmas and let me tell you, its the Bees Knees!! I really liked my 20″ iMac but this thing is just unreal!!

Cant wait to start doing some Flex development on it!!

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