New site design…loving BlogCFC

I decided I wanted a look for my site so I started searching the web for some free templates. I just do not have the time to design my own and write the CSS anymore.

I decided on something a little darker this time and for a change, I went with a 3 column layout instead of the usual 2 columns. At first I was concerned about trying to make the design work with BlogCFC, but the way the pods are included made it quite simple.

I will be tweaking the CSS and working out some bugs over the next couple days so if you run across anything glaring, try not to beat me up too bad over it!

3 thoughts on “New site design…loving BlogCFC”

  1. cheers russ! i’d like to think my design skills are good, but they suck 🙂 the design you have is pretty nice! heading over to check them out now.

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