300 In DLP Digital!! Im Still Speechless….

WOW! I just got home from the AMC theaters over in Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney where I finally got to see 300 and I managed to catch it in one of their DLP Digital Projection theaters! Unbelievable!!

Im a big Frank Miller fan so I have been very impatiently waiting to see this film. I just dont have the words to describe it… it was at the very least, fascinating. That has to be the best Comic (graphic novel) I have ever seen adapted to a movie. They took great care to very closely match the frames from the book. It was amazing to watch and think about the frames as I saw the movie unfold.

If you havent seen it, and arent afraid of a little blood, ok so its a TON of blood, I HIGHLY recommend you do so before it leaves the theater. And if you are lucky enough to have a theater around with the DLP technology, its a must see!!

2 thoughts on “300 In DLP Digital!! Im Still Speechless….”

  1. Hmm, I’ll have to consider seeing that one down there on the DLP as well. Ended up seeing it at Citywalk on a normal screen. Speaking of which — I hadn’t even noticed you lived in Orlando!

  2. Ha Ha… yeah just SW of Orlando in Davenport… about 20 minutes from Pleasure Island. Well, at least until the end of June and we are moving back up to Jacksonville where we are from.

    Im headed over to Celebration on Wednesday to have lunch at Seito Sushi with a couple CF buddies…. that place has the best sushi around!

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