CSSEditor For OSX… Best Editor I Have EVER Used!

One of the great things about switching over to my Macbook Pro for development is that it opens up a whole new world of Software Development tools that arent available on Windows or Linux. And the thing that I just cant get over is how polished these applications are, especially for the price!

I was looking for a good CSS editor for OS X a week or so ago when I came accross CSSEdit. This is by far the best most user friendly CSS editor I have EVER used on any platform. And its only $29.95 to boot!! Believe me, thats a steal for the amount of feature this application has.

One of my favorite features is the live edit/preview feature. I can open the preview window to my URL, either pull in the CSS file from the website or open the corresponding file from my computer, then make changes and view the changes in real-time in the preview window! This comes in really handy if you want to try out some CSS tweaks on a live site without affecting any users.

It has code-completion like most editors if you are writing the CSS by hand, it has very intuitive visual editors to help you set the attributes you want without even writing the CSS code. This comes in vary handy when you cant remember the name of an attribute. The visual editors are grouped by their function so it makes it really easy to find the ones that you need.

It also had built-in version control and allows you to create milestones on the fly so you can feel free to tweak and try out new things on your site with the ability to back them out on the click of a button.

If you are developing on a Mac and do any kind of CSS editing at all, this will be the best $30 bucks you have ever spent!

There is a trial download available as well so feel free to take it for a spin, you owe it to yourself!

7 thoughts on “CSSEditor For OSX… Best Editor I Have EVER Used!”

  1. cssedit is fairly nice but personally I dropped it in favor of the Aptana plugin. I’m fairly decent with css so I didn’t need all the "fill in the property boxes" and prefer the inline suggest as you type way that aptana has. cssEdit is a very nice app though.

    I agree with you too on the quality and price of os x apps, nice, slick and fast. I can’t help but crack up when I hear the old "but windows has more and better apps".

  2. Sorry about that guys… I was in the process of creating the new design and it was about 4 in the morning… got too tired and never finished the stylesheets. I just updated all of the greens to something less "loud" and upped the brightness of the actual text… should be much better now.

  3. Dave,

    I havent tried the Aptana plugin yet.. I will give it a try this weekend though. Is the inline syntax help and auto-complete as good as CSSEdit’s? I have found myself turning off the visual editors most of the time and using just the code view and the inline syntax help is great.

    Another thing I REALLY like about CSSEdit is the style view on the left side that lists a preview of each style element in your code. I found myself working with about 4 different stylesheets last night for one application and that view combined with the built-in element search was invaluable!

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