Im in GEEK heaven!!!

Im writing this post while riding with my wife on the interstate! Im such a geek.

I just got a Cingular 8125 phone to use until the iPhone ships and I read that in the latest OS X upgrade (10.4.9) they enabled PAN support over Bluetooth.

It took me 2 minutes to connect to my phone over bluetooth from my Macbook Pro, configure the connection to be used for internet and now Im using the phones EDGE connection over bluetooth as internet access for my Macbook Pro. I love being a geek!!

Speaking of my geekyness, Im the proud new owner of a 61″ DLP widescreen HDTV as of yesterday! Ive had the same 56″ big screen in my house for over 8 years now and the wife and I decided it was time for an upgrade.

I have already watched the first 3 episodes of the new Discovery HD mini-series called Planet Earth on it and OMG, what a difference! Now its time to hook up the Xbox 360 for some HD Ultimate Alliance!!

3 thoughts on “Im in GEEK heaven!!!”

  1. What data plan do you have with your phone? Mine’s like $5 a month for 5 megs. If I want more, the rates are insane. I heard some friends in Cali (I’m in Georgia) got an unlimited data plan for $20 a month, but it’s $70 here as of 2 weeks ago.

  2. With Cingular I have the MediaNet Bundle that runs like $25 a month for unlimited internet, medianet, cingular video and text messaging.

    Not a bad deal in my eyes. Especially to have internet access anywhere I have cell service with here in florida is just about everywhere.

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