Its Official… 1st Week At My New Job Is In The Bag!

Well, actually it was in the bag Friday afternoon but I have been busy with some Trac_Fu updates this weekend so I didnt get to post it Friday.

I left the position I had with Point and Pay, Inc down in Winter Haven, FL. It was not an easy choice, but I felt I couldnt pass up the opportunity that I am on now.

Im now working for Strike Eagle Graphics doing ColdFusion/Fusebox development. Im really enjoying it so far. The company is owned by Joshua Rockoff who is an awesome guy to work for. We have some great clients as well. This is a first for me, Ive never worked for a development shop that wrote applications for outside clients before. Every position that I have held in the past 10 years was writing applications for that particular company, so this is a bit different for me but I really like it so far.

Strike Eagle is located in New York city so I get the pleasure of working from home here in sunny Florida! Still trying to get my home office totally together and comfortable but its getting there.

Another cool thing is that everyone that works for Strike Eagle is running a Mac with the exception of one, and he is supposed to be getting his soon. Thats pretty nice. We get to use iChat for video conferencing and the video quality is great!

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