Pardon The Dust… New Site Design (again)

Just a few weeks ago I posted how much I liked being able to change the look and feel of my site using themes in BlogCFC. I had just updated the design with a template I found on Templateworld since I just hadnt had time to create my own.

Well, despite working 70+ hours a week and working on my opensource project Trac_Fu as well as spending time with my family, I managed to whip up a design that I have wanted to do for quite sometime. I have been tweaking the colors of the fonts over the last several days to get them “just right” and with the help of the AWESOME application Kuler, I think I finally have them where I want them.

I will be adding a few more tweaks here and there but mostly I like it… dark and simple… a good bit on the comic book side. Not Superman comic but more like the best Image comics like Spawn and Maxx… you know, the good stuff!

The trees were made from some Photoshop brushes I found on Deviantart. Please let me know if you run into any site errors and I will clean them up asap.

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