TRAC_FU Updates Galore!!

I have been working on Trac_Fu mostly all weekend. I have finished most all of the features that I wanted to include at this point and fixed a ton of bugs!

If you havent downloaded it and played around with it yet, you can do so at the project site at If you have downloaded it before, I would suggest getting the latest version from SVN since I fixed about 17 outstanding issues and added the edit ticket and ticket history functionality. This makes it a useable tool now finally.

Im going to be writing some documentation this week and cleaning a few things up for an ‘official’ release, but dont let that stop you from playing around with it right now.

Also, the demo site is out of date. I havent had time to upload all of the changes yet and probably wont for at least a week or so.

If you find any bugs, please submit them to the bug tracker section on and I will get them taken care of asap.

5 thoughts on “TRAC_FU Updates Galore!!”

  1. The Subversion repository has been upated quite a few times over the weekend and again on Tuesday. John Beynon sent me a few issues and I fixed a couple of them and commited the code so you should be seeing some updates.

    The zip file on needs to be updated since I added those fixes for John so its not 100% up-to-date but the SVN is.

    Check your working copy and see what revision its at and then compare that against the svn repo on riaforge. That should give you a clear picture as to whats going on.

    Let me know if you are still having issues with it and I will see what I can do to help.

  2. Yeah.. the googlecode SVN repo is dead… i quit using it as soon as riaforge was started.

    Not sure how to switch repos on a working dir… not sure if that can even be done.

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