I Have Joost Invites To Give Away!!

I just received notification that I have 3 invites to the closed beta of Joost that I can give away. Since none of my friends are really into computers I figured the best place to give them away is right here. Give them to members of the community that I have been apart of for 10 years!

I dont want to just give them to the first 3 that respond though. That really wouldnt be fair since some people have to work during the day and may not see this post until WAY too late when they get online tonight.

Any thoughts on what I should do to give them away? I was thinking of a CF app that would randomly select the names that are submitted for them but I dont have much time to write another app right now with my schedule.

I thought about a CF Quiz but Im not really creative enough with code questions so thats out.

If you think of something good let me know in the comments. I really want to give these away as soon as possible so you guys can get in on the beta. Its really awesome!

35 thoughts on “I Have Joost Invites To Give Away!!”

  1. Not quite sure what the best method to would be for giving the beta seats away. Perhaps a script that selects at random. Either way, I would love to get in on the action. Thanks.

  2. Kenneth,

    I hadnt actually thought of doing it that way. That would be very simple and would only take a few minutes to put together.

    So far Im liking that idea. I will get the script put together tonight. Lets see how many poeple post comments tonight and I will run the chooser tomorrow at say 3:00pm EST.

    If your interstested in one of these seats, post a comment!

  3. I realize you’ve probably given away your invites already, so I’m not asking for them. If you haven’t given them away yet, I’m still not asking for one. What I would like to ask, however, is if you’d be willing to introduce me to other Joost members so I could get an invite from them. Interested? Please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Hi, I’m interested in getting invited as well… is it already to late to be chosen by random? Then what about giving the invites to the *last* three comments? 😉

  5. yeah i gotta agree with philip on this one, if not then give the last one to the guy with an all american name. 🙂

  6. Pick me! Pick me! 😉

    Been looking for aaaaaggges for an invite, if you have one to spare, i would greatly appreciate it..

  7. Heya, i think your first idea would be the best idea ;). randomly selecting winners is always a fair way. Anyway, count me in for the draw.


  8. I agree too with Marc, since I’m searching for Joost invitation it will be the first time I see this.

    Iwould like one too.


  9. That’s so nice, I know, everytime I look into a blog or whatever, there’s like a hundred people who have posted a comment before me. I think this is very considerate of you and YAY! for the online community. Anyway, I think I nice idea would be the classical random drawing, it’s based on luck, and that’s cool. Everyone will feel that it was fair. Oh yeah, if you don’t do a random drawing, could I PLEASE have one, for not harrassing you for one?

  10. I am dying for an invite to joost. All my friends are raving about Joost.
    Can anyone please slid me an invite. PLEASE PLEASE.

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