Old Posts on MXNA?

TJ Downes just told me that my blog is barfing old posts to MXNA for some reason. Not sure whats going on. Perhaps it has something to do with me upgrading my BlogCFC install? Thats the only thing that has changed in the last week. I upgraded it on Sunday night to the latest build. Not sure if thats it or not but I apologize for any inconveniences.

4 thoughts on “Old Posts on MXNA?”

  1. From what I can tell, MXNA determines the uniqueness of a post based on the GUID, which probably changed with your upgrade. Goog seems to use either the title or the combination of the Guid and the title, which seems to prevent this blog barfing that goes on daily on MXNA – it also means that I have to date my weekly open source update or Goog simply ignores it.

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