Ruby on Rails Spoof Video #2, This Time its PHP

Here is the second one. This time they are bashing on PHP. Again, pretty funny. But I dont think its as good as the first one. The teddybear stuffed into that jar representing Hibernate was genius! There are supposed to be 4 of these things in total, I wonder what other languages will be targeted?

2 thoughts on “Ruby on Rails Spoof Video #2, This Time its PHP”

  1. laughing at Java and PHP, that’s cool. a good giggle

    but one of the four languages of the series better not be ColdFusion! Then it would NOT be a laughing matter!

  2. Yea… true…

    But I dont think ColdFusion is in their sights.

    However, look at it this way. If they do decide to spoof on CF, maybe we should feel flattered that they put us up there with Java and PHP!

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