Fusebox 5 Templates for Illudium PU-36 Code Generator

I’ve been using Brian Rinaldi’s Illudium code generator for a while now and I would be lying if I said it hasnt saved me TONS of time in writing alot of repetitive code.

Since almost all of my projects are in Fusebox, I decided to write myself some Fusebox 5 XSL templates for the generator when I started working on Trac_Fu to handle most of the CRUD stuff for me. These templates generate the following files for a database table:

  • Controller Circuit.xml.cfm
  • View Circuit.xml.cfm
  • List Page
  • Form Page (handles creation and editing)
  • Bean cfc
  • Service cfc
  • DAO cfc
  • Gateway cfc
  • Coldspring config

Keep in mind that just as Brian states, Illudium is not designed to generate a complete application and these templates follow that same direction. However, you should be able to generate the files and have a working set of CRUD files when added to a Fusebox 5 application.

If you have any suggestions for the templates or ideas on how to improve them, or run into any problems please let me know as Im always up for improving them!

Download them from the Software Pod on the right or grab them here: Fusebox5 Illudium Templates

UPDATE: This link has been updated, the first release files has some major issues.

6 thoughts on “Fusebox 5 Templates for Illudium PU-36 Code Generator”

  1. Hey, sweet! I will take a look at these. I have always said, it people come up with good templates I would gladly consider adding them to the templates list of the generator. Glad it has helped you!

  2. Cool, thanks Brian!

    I have a set of templates for generating the same thing for Coldbox. Instead of generating the xml controllers it generates the Event Handler cfc’s.

    I will try and clean them up a bit and post them this week.

  3. HI Russ,
    Nice work, just one question, why don’t you use the model circuit? Having this would make the code more reusable wouldn’t it? I understanding that throwing everything into the controller makes it quicker but I’m just curious.

  4. I’ve just never been a big fan of having a model circuit that does nothing but make the calls to the cfc’s. To me the CFC’s _are_ the model so there is no need to have that extra code.

    I dont think using a model circuit would make the code more reusable. I used this template set to generate alot of the code for an application that I recently ported to ColdBox and it went extremely smooth. I didnt have to make one change in the model. Not a single line of code.

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