Safari for Windows!!! What?

Steve Jobs has just confirmed in the Keynote:

Leopard pricing: $129

Safari now available for Windows as well… not sure how I feel about this. I dont use it on Mac much less Windows.

Says the new Safari 3 is twice as fast as IE and 1.6 times faster than Firefox.

5 thoughts on “Safari for Windows!!! What?”

  1. yeah, i’m not sure how i feel about safari on windows either. i’m trying it out right now (posting this comment with it!).

    i hope any rendering issues are the same or similar between windows and mac, because it would make safari-testing easier for me (i only have an old mac, at home, not at the office).

  2. Yeah I can see this as a benefit for developers, being able to test on Windows. But as someone commented on the 3rd Party iPhone apps post, having Safari on windows is essential for developing the apps for iPhone.

    Although the discussion centered around safari for windows at the keynote was all about trying to get more marketshare for safari, at least thats what Steve Jobs said.

  3. They’ve released Safari on Windows because Safari is going to be on the iPhone. They want people who develop websites on Windows to be ready for the iPhone.

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