Screencast: Generating Fusebox5 CRUD Files With Illudium-PU36

After releasing my templates, I decided I would throw together a quick screencast on how easy it is to generate CRUD operations using the templates and the Fusebox 5.1 skeleton application.

Be kind, its my first screencast ever. BTW, IShowU for Mac ROCKS! and at $20, it simply cannot be beat!

Watch it on YouTube or you can view the uncompressed original recording using Quicktime here (16MB).

7 thoughts on “Screencast: Generating Fusebox5 CRUD Files With Illudium-PU36”

  1. Yeah I was pretty disappointed after I uploaded it to YouTube. The original screencast is only 16.4MB at a resolution of 1207×800 (that was the recording size so I could get all of eclipse in there). I am going to upload the original recording file and link it in an update to this post. Should be much easier to view.

    It wont do much for my # of views towards the Fusebox Video Contest but oh well, Im not going to sacrifice quality just for the contest, I want you guys to actually get something out of this.

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