Skweegee Project Site and Code is Now in SVN

Just wanted to follow up on my post from yesterday regarding Skweegee. The project site is setup on riaforge now and I have committed the 0.1.0 release to subversion there. You can access the project site here, and you can browse the svn repo either on Riaforge or on the Skweegee site here.

I havent uploaded an official release yet since I want to have the self-registration form completed first. So if you want the code, for now you will just have to download it from Riaforge.

3 thoughts on “Skweegee Project Site and Code is Now in SVN”

  1. Thanks Luis!

    Funny you should mention that. I have already started a Coldbox port as a way to learn Coldbox! I would love to see the Coldbox port finished that way there would be options for folks who may be running other frameworks but do not want to adopt another one.

    So far it seems pretty simple, I have just been converting the Fusebox controllers over to Coldbox event handlers. The one gotcha though is that I have to account for how the views access the data. Since Coldbox uses either the Event scope of typically the ‘rc’ scope as I like your method of doing that. So in the views I have just been copying the data that I need out of the rc scope into a local variable that is used in the rest of the view. I can do this in usually one line of code and prevents me from having to maintain view files that are majorly different as I add new features.

    I could send you a .zip of my progress so far if you would like to look over it.

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