Trac_Fu is dead… LONG LIVE SKWEEGEE!!

After working on my port of Trac to Coldfusion for almost a year and never really being happy with it. I have decided it is time for a change.

The port was going OK but there were several issues that I was facing in the port as well as wrestling with myself over features that I wanted to add that would completely take it out of the realm of just a port of Trac. So I have applied for a new project on RiaForge and am awaiting approval as I write this.

Until the project site is up. You can check out the self-sustained project site at The codebase started out from the Trac_Fu project and I have made numerous improvements and bug fixes. If you were using Trac_Fu, you will love Skweegee.

I know there will be some bugs to work out but after going months without making any updates to Trac_Fu, I have made a commitment to the Google mantra of “Release early, Release Often!”.

I havent added a self-registration page yet to allow users to submit tickets to Skweegee but I am planning to have that implemented tonight sometime. In the meantime, feel free to poke around in the site and let me know if you run into anything or have any suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Trac_Fu is dead… LONG LIVE SKWEEGEE!!”

  1. Glad to see it, looks slick. Using a combination of Canvaswiki and Lighthousepro currently, so this kind of integration is a win for the community if it shows we can have enterprise standard apps available for development.

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