UPDATE: Fusebox 5 Templates for Illudium-PU36

My first release of the Fusebox 5 Illudium-PU36 templates has some issues. Actually, somehow I managed to upload the wrong zip file!

I have updated the templates a bit more today to work out-of-the-box with the Fusebox 5.1 skeleton application and uploaded a new zip file which you can download from the software pod on the right or here: Fusebox5 Illudium Templates.

Sorry about the mix-up. Stay tuned for a screencast on how easy it is to generate these CRUD operations.

7 thoughts on “UPDATE: Fusebox 5 Templates for Illudium-PU36”

  1. @Jim
    Sorry about that. I guess thats what I get for trying to do stuff at 3:30am! The links are now fixed, damn case sensitivity on LInux!

    Thanks for the catch!

  2. Hello Russ,

    This looks pretty cool. Can you give some instructions for how to set this up within Illudium? I dropped your fusebox5 folder in the Illudiumxslprojects directory but it doesn’t seem to be finding the templates.


  3. I noticed in the list template it uses #-xsl:value-of select="//bean/@name"-id# to get the id of the current row.
    This requires the table name to have the primary index column the same as the table name with "id" at the end.
    Is there a way to use an index that is not the same?

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