Flex Madness, Im Feeling the Love: Conclusion

Well, as you could tell from my previous post here, I have been having some MAJOR issues getting this Flex Slideshow component rolled out.

With a lot of help from Brian Rinaldi and finally a comment from Brian Kotek, I managed to figure out my issue. Now let me first say that Im a TOTAL Flex newbie. I didnt have a Flex book or anything for reference other than what I could find on the web so resources were short.

The problem I was having is that the RemoteObject call was not returning any data to the Flex component. It always came back NULL. When I first discovered this I wrote a test fuseaction in my application that called that CFC and dumped the data and everything worked fine. Here’s where I screwed up.

I didnt realize that I screwed up by doing this until Brian Kotek posted a comment asking if I had called the CFC directly in the URL and pass the method to it as an argument. When I did this directly, I didnt get any data. What gives? I could call that CFC in my fuseaction and I got data back everytime.

So I started thinking that maybe something in my Fusebox setup was preventing me from calling this CFC directly on the URL like that since it lived under a Fusebox app. So I created a blank Application.cfm file in the directory that held the Flex component and the CFC then called it via the URL again and I got data back! So this being the case, I called up the URL to my Flex app and it was working! I couldnt believe it. A solid week of fudging with this thing and all I had to do was create an Application.cfm file in that directory?

Well, I will chalk that up as a MAJOR learning experience. At least its done and working now and delivered to the client. Thanks again to Brian Rinaldi for all of your help and to Brian Kotek for taking the time to post that comment. Without that I may still be beating my head against my wireless Apple keyboard!!

4 thoughts on “Flex Madness, Im Feeling the Love: Conclusion”

  1. I have run into this before where I needed some application and session vars from the HTML application in my flex cfc’s and putting a blank application.cfm fixed it. Glad you got it working.

  2. so what’s actually going on under the hood? why does adding an Application.cfm help in that directory?

    if your application uses an Application.cfc, what’s different?

  3. @barry
    Im not really sure. I never really saw any documentation regarding this, it was by blind luck and a suggestion by Brian Kotek that led to the find.

    I havent had much time to further investigate yet but I plan to look into it more. If I had to guess though, Im thinking that maybe by not having the Application.cfm in that dir is was picking up the one in the parent Fusebox application and it might have been causing problems. Not really sure yet though.

  4. Happy to help, but actually I’d be curious to know why creating a blank Application.cfm file in that directory made any difference. Did you by chance have logic in your root Application.cfm file that looks to see if the request is going to index.cfm, and forces the request to index.cfm if not?

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