Flex Madness, Im going CRAZY: Part 2

Well the saga continues. I swear if I didnt shave my head I would be pulling my hair out by now! It turns out, after MANY hours of digging, debugging, and researching that the problem with the Flex Component being called into my Fusebox application has nothing to do with pathing.

The paths to the CFC are fine. But for some reason the RemoteObject call will not return any data to the flex application. I wrote a wrapper for the CFC that pulled the data just fine. I have even written a barebones Flex app that has only a datagrid and the remote object call to populate it and still, no records.

I was thinking somehow that the CFC may not be pulling data, so I even rewrote the method and created my own query and filled it with data so I could eliminate the database from the equation and I STILL didnt get any records back.

Im at wits end with this thing now. After finding several posts about the JVM version I decided to check it and the server is running CF version and JVM version 1.4.2_09 so that should be fine.

Im ready to hire a consultant to figure this thing out and be done with it!

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Flex Madness, Im going CRAZY: Part 2”

  1. @Paul
    I have tried it in a mapped dir and not in mapped dir, same result..

    Your comment actually led me to a solution!
    Too much to explain here but please watch for a follow up post shortly and I will explain the stupid mistake I made.

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