I Won The Fusebox Video Contest! Yay!

My internet connection was finally restored late yesterday after our move and I was greeted by a message from Adam of Team Fusebox telling me that I won the Fusebox Video Contest.

I guess since I was the only submitter, judging was pretty easy;)

Adam told me I won a copy of the Fusebox book (not sure which one), and a ticket to one of the Teratech Events of my choice! Nice!!

Not sure which event is going to be the best for me to attend but I hope to make a decision soon.

Thanks to the Fusebox team!

3 thoughts on “I Won The Fusebox Video Contest! Yay!”

  1. Congrats. I watched it a "little", but the quality on YouTube is so bad. Can you post the original or a better version somewhere or send it to me. would be interesting to watch it. Thank you.

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