Creating Printable Views From Your Existing ColdBox Methods

Earlier today I had a need in one of my ColdBox applications to create printable versions of all my pages. A pretty normal request. What I like to do for these applications is have a single Event Handler called “Display” that manages all of the front-end calls, so all of the Event Methods that I would want to print were all in the same Handler. There are a mixture of methods in my front-end handler, some of them pull their content from the DB, some of them use a view that has content coded into it, such as forms. Some pages have views that render news items and things of that nature, so the methods are all pretty different. This led me to believe that creating this print functionality was going to be a bit tedious at best.I didn’t want to create new print methods for each existing method just to overwrite the layout using the print layout. Way too much coding and seemed a bit overkill. So after talking to Luis Majano about overriding layouts, here is what I came up with. Its very simple, quick to implement and works like a charm!

Here is how I coded my “Print This Page” link.

Print This Page

Notice I call a single event called Display.print and Im passing a variable called page that consists of the current event from ColdBox that Im displaying. We are going to use that variable to run our existing methods.

Now here is my Print event handler. Notice its pretty simple.

Basically, all Im doing is running the event thats passed in as the page variable and setting the layout to my printable layout. Super easy! This one method handled every front-end method that I have in my app. Now obviously Im not passing around any other url variables in my application. This would make things a bit more complicated but you could still handle it with this same method.

4 thoughts on “Creating Printable Views From Your Existing ColdBox Methods”

  1. I’m still a newb at OO and frameworks, so pardon me if this is a stupid question. Is there some reason you couldn’t just use a css file to alter the layout for printing?

  2. You probably could. Im no pro at CSS, Im much more comfortable coding ColdFusion so this way makes sense to me.

    I’ve never used printable css layouts before and with the cross-browser problems we face now with just design issues, Im not sure that would be the most time efficient method.

    I would be interested in playing with the printable css stuff though. Maybe something I will look into in the future.

  3. Ah. Ok.

    Personally, for printing I just copy the existing "screen" sheet, remove any unnecessary declarations, hide the elements I don’t want printed and change the size of the area to be printed to 8.5in x 11in. Actually a lot less complicated than the css for display.

  4. THis is great Russ. You can also create a url action to trigger layout changes. I set a event to run on the request start handler called "display.print" 🙂

    On it I do something like:

    if ( event.getValue("print",false) ){

    So you basically call the same event with print=true:


    Works like a charm too!! The cool thing is that you can get more funky,

    or html or swf

    Then in your display.print event, you can set up the correct layout. Great stuff!!

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