Im Off To The Big Apple! My First Time In The City!

Well, Monday morning anyways. Though I work for a development firm in New York, I’ve never actually been there. I’m headed out first thing Monday morning for a week long stay and Im looking forward to it!

I’ll be staying at the Hudson and luckily for me, I only have to be on-site at the clients office 2 days while Im there! So I get to check out the city a little bit. Any suggestions on things to see while Im there? Obviously I wanna see Lady Liberty, my boss says you can see it from his office window so I should be real close.

If any fellow CF’ers in the city wanna hook up for a few drinks, let me know in the comments or email me and I will get you my cell number and we can decide where to meet.

Truth be told, Im sure I will feel like the country mouse in the big city. I grew up in Jacksonville Florida. On a farm mind you. I have been to D.C. once for an Allaire conference but I never left the conference hotel! So this is going to be quite the trip. I only wish I could bring my wife along.

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  1. I am going to make every effort to be there Ben. I enjoy visiting other UG’s. I’ve been to probably 5 or 6 down here in Florida.

    I should have plenty of time Tuesday evening, just have to try and find the place 🙂

    I am creating an event with a reminder in my iPhone right now!

  2. Hi Russ, if you like Chinese/Cantonese. I was in NYC this past Feb. for a conference and we spent an evening in Chinatown, we settled on a place called "Amazing 66" it was great, some of the best I have had. Just search out Chinatown Amazing 66 and you will get lots of reviews and such.
    Have fun.

  3. Make sure you get outside of Manhattan for part of your time – avoid areas such as 42nd street unless you just want to check it out for 10 minutes (and do it at night for maximum overload). Too much like Disneyland. Visit Queens and Brooklyn. Take a ride on Staten Island Ferry and drink a beer during the ride. Catch a game at Yankee stadium. While in Manhattan pay particular attention to the Lower East Side, and the "East Village" (back in the day it was known as "Alphabet City" but alas…) and the real Village (on the west side). That will fill your week.

  4. Oops, your comments were going into my Spam mail 🙁 The NY-CFUG meetings generally meet up at 6:30pm, at which point we usually wait for Michael to show up 🙂 I’m only teasing… he’s got kids, being on time is a luxury. However, I would check the website the day-of cause sometimes it changes without notice. If you make it, I’ll see you there.

  5. Alphabet city and the east village are two different neighborhoods.

    Best burger in NYC = The Corner Bistro in the west village. It’s a neighborhood dive bar, with great burgers.

    Best sushi = Hasaki in the east village around 9th and 2nd. Get there early because there are only about 10 tables and by 6:30 the wait can be a couple of hours.

    Classic NYC bars = Lower east side: McSorleys, upper east side PJ O’Rourkes

    Don’t miss Chinatown and Little Italy


  6. Ha ha, yeah The Corner Bistro is pretty good stuff. You have to love a place who’s menu consists of:
    Cheese Burger
    Bacon Cheese Burger
    Grilled Cheese

    I think that’s all they offer 🙂 I recommend the bacon burger.

  7. "Alphabet city and the east village are two different neighborhoods."

    Umm…No they are not. I lived at 11th and C during the time it went from one to the other.

    The Corner Bistro is definitely one of the best, but it is always super crowded especially during the weekend.

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