Sorry I Missed You Guys in New York!

Sorry I wasn’t able to make it to the NYCFUG meeting Tuesday night. I didn’t even make my trip to New York at all. Sunday about noon I was out working in the yard trying to get some things done before leaving town and apparently wasn’t drinking enough water for the 114 degree heat index here in Jacksonville Florida. I ended up in the emergency room Sunday suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration. Not Fun!

Two days on the couch in the air conditioning and several gallons of Gatorade later, I’m feeling much better. Its amazing how bad I felt for two days. Absolutely no energy and I slept probably 12 hours each day between night-time and naps.

I will try and hook up with you guys on my next trip!

3 thoughts on “Sorry I Missed You Guys in New York!”

  1. Wait… 114 degree heat index?!? That’s just bananas. Why would you even do yard work in that head?!? Just giving you a hard time – I am glad you are doing OK now. Don’t even worry about it the NYCFUG thing. This week it actually had a few more problems than usual. See you next time.

  2. Yeah, its been pretty hot here for sure!
    Looks like I will be heading up there next week. Monday – Wednesday. Maybe a couple of us can hook up Tuesday night for dinner and a beer.

  3. Hey Russ,

    Sorry to hear about that – glad you’re doing better. I’d be on for grabbing a bite on Tuesday if you’re interested – just drop me an email offline . . .

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