Open Letter To iPhone Customers From Steve Jobs

Well, after my post yesterday you could tell I was a little disappointed with the way Apple handled the iPhone price drop. However, I had made up my mind this morning that I wasnt going to worry about it. There are lots of folks who are claiming to get refunds already but I wasnt going to persue that route.

Now, Steve Jobs has posted an open letter to iphone customers. Basically Apple is offering $100 credit to be used at any Apple Store or Apple Online store for early adopters. Details he says, should be announced next week.

Thats cool. At least Apple is trying to make an effort to reward early adopters.

I guess with my $100 store credit, I will order another 4GB iPhone for my wife, she’s kind of grown fond of mine.

One thought on “Open Letter To iPhone Customers From Steve Jobs”

  1. Did Macromedia learn this lesson with Flex 1.5?

    there was a lot of cheesed off people with that. And Spectra.

    Will Adobe be mindful or as pro-active to keep customers as happy?

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