Mozy Not Working on Leopard

It seems that Mozy isnt quite happy on Leopard yet either. The Mozy process will stop responding shortly after starting and has to be force quit. Of course the process restarts itself but just continues the cycle.

Im going to email Mozy about it but Im sure they are aware by now.

3 thoughts on “Mozy Not Working on Leopard”

  1. I didn’t see any issues with Mozy or MySQL and Leopard. Still haven’t gotten CF running although the rumor on irc is that Mark Drew has it running and didn’t have any issue with CF.

    For Mozy – I am running version .7.0.0 Build 24815

  2. Mozy does work, just uninstall and reinstall the client….get the latest mac beta from the site. Did that and everything is working perfectly on Leopard.

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