New Opensource Commerce Solution Is Coming

A little late on this one, but Nick Tong and some of the guys on the CfOpenSource list have started up a new project to fill a HUGE empty space in the ColdFusion opensource world.

Its too early at this point for any details but several resources have been setup to support the project already. I personally am looking forward to seeing this project come to fruition. The opensource community has been severely missing the boat in this area and I for one am glad that Nick and several others have stepped up to fill that void.

Here are the relevant links and I suggest that anyone interested in this, should participate early on and show support for the project.
Google Group

2 thoughts on “New Opensource Commerce Solution Is Coming”

  1. Interestingly I believe Martin Orth is working on an Ecommerce plugin for the FarCry framework.

    I suspect the reality is that any truly generic ecommerce solution that’s useful is really a significant undertaking. With respect to integrating larger scale ecommerce functionality for existing legacy systems it’s almost invariably more cost effective to build a bespoke solution. So its hard to get the commercial sponsorship to embark on an open source solution that is only going to benefit the smaller business owner.

    In any event good luck! It’s great to see more CF collaborations.

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