ColdBox SES Support Announced for 2.5.0

Luis has just announced that the SES URL support for the ColdBox 2.5.0 release has been added to the nightly build. Lots of people have been looking forward to this one so go grab the latest nightly and test it out.
As you know, no ColdBox feature would be complete without some documentation, Luis has posted teh SES docs here.

2 thoughts on “ColdBox SES Support Announced for 2.5.0”

  1. @ Russ Johnson would you like to share your experience of ColdBox SES. One more thing check queryHelper plugin. it has support for inner-join of Queries

  2. @Sana, I will be doing some testing of the nightly builds over the next several days. I will post something about it then. In the meantime, check my ColdBox category for a posting I made a few months back about my experience with ColdCourse and ColdBox to implement SES Urls. I suspect the new built-in method will not be much different since Luis used ColdCourse as an interceptor. The setup will be a bit different though since your not using a standard ColdCourse setup.

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