NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Getting Busy With ColdBox

Luis Majano has just announced on his blog that the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory has adopted ColdBox as their framework of choice for developing ColdFusion applications! This is indeed great news for the ColdBox community!

Luis has also announced that there are not one but two ColdBox books in the works as well.

All this coming just before the release of the best version of ColdBox yet, 2.5.0 which should be released within the next few days!

One thought on “NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Getting Busy With ColdBox”

  1. Russ indeed this is great news, as we all know that ColdBox is most comprehensive and best tool for web development.

    No doubt that luis and you guys puts long hours to make it really solid and the best-framework in CF community.

    Truly non of other framework provide such a great functionalities/ with 500 pages of documentation to cover every thing in framework. plus eclipse dictionary so simply there are endless features/tool so free to CF community.

    Again thanks to all ColdBox team.

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