Skweegee Update – Getting Close Now!

I have spent most of the day today working on Skweegee trying to finalize the port over to ColdBox. During the port I decided there were quite a few things I wanted to change or update so that has undoubtedly slowed me down. That coupled with the insane amount of time we have been putting in the last couple months trying to wrap up some projects at work.

I hope to spend most of the day Sunday working on it as well in hopes to get a beta out by the end of next week. I will post some screenshots of some of the new screens and features later in the evening Sunday. Its too late to worry with tonight.

7 thoughts on “Skweegee Update – Getting Close Now!”

  1. Looking forward to playing with this. And being on ColdBox it’ll be a two for one for me as I’ve been wanted to play with that forever!

    Is some kind of BER available via a public svn repo or similar, or will you just be uploading when you’re done?

  2. @Peter – the code is in SVN although im really not wanting anyone to grab it just yet. I have a few guys that are going to be privately testing the beta for me and reporting bugs to me so that I can release as stable a version as possible.

  3. Hey Russ Skweege looks great!

    I want to get involved with the project but the self register page at is broken (captcha image not displaying). I’ve downloaded the 0.1.0 source from riaforge but am holding off doing any work on it since the version on is 0.2.0. I’m itchy to get my hand dirty and help you bring this sweet thing to release so please let me know how I can download the latest source and start submitting fixes/enhancements etc.

    Cheers, Mike G.

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