Flex Based Subversion Browser

One of the things that I have really wanted to focus on was learning Flex and AIR this year. I have been putting it off for far too long. So far this year I have been keeping that promise to myself as I have been working with Flex just about every night so far.
One of the ways I learn is by building applications. Not just “Hello World!” apps, I get too bored with that, so I have to find something that interests me and would be useful. So I decided to build a Flex based Subversion browser since I havent seen one around. Im making really good progress on it and learning some great stuff along the way. I have several blog posts started already covering several of the things I have learned along the way. I should be posting those starting next week.
Here is a screenshot of the part of the interface. Im using the Yahoo Flex Skin which looks quite nice and is a major improvement over the default look.

When Im done with this thing I will post the code over on RIAForge in case anyone wants to play around with it. I cant wait to get it done so I can start on something else!

3 thoughts on “Flex Based Subversion Browser”

  1. I havent determined if I want to take it far enough to do actions or not. I really just started off with the idea of a Flex based browser so who knows where it will go. Sometimes these things take on a life of their own.

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