Jericho Returns To T.V. February 12th!

I meant to blog this a week or so ago. But during the holidays, I saw the first Jericho promo on T.V. for the return of season 2! I am so stoked to actually see this come to fruition, especially after they canceled the show and then decided to bring it back due to overwhelming fan response. Its about time a T.V. network decided to listen to its viewers!! Sure wish they would’ve listened to us when it came to Firefly.
You can watch the promo on the Jericho website if you havent seen it yet.
Season 2 of Jericho kicks off on February 12th at 10 EST. I better clear some space on my DVR!

4 thoughts on “Jericho Returns To T.V. February 12th!”

  1. Thanks Jim! Interesting reading, especially since I watch several shows on that list. Anyone watch the Flash Gordon series? I wanted to watch it but Im not sure I could get past visions of the original movie in my head. That movie holds a special place in my heart!

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