Thanks Adobe! But Amazon Made Me Feel Like An Idiot!

I logged on to Amazon today to search for a few Flex 3 and AIR books since Im really focusing on working with the two technologies more this year. So I found a few books and added them to my wishlist and ordered 2 others. As I was managing my wishlist, I noticed that my shipping address for my wishlist was different than the shipping address on my account.
I moved back in June 2007 from the Orlando area back to Jacksonville and I spent several hours one day updating all of my addresses on my online accounts including Amazon. But what I didnt realize is that your wishlist shipping address is not updated when you update your accounts shipping address.
So I immediately updated my whishlist address and even though I have never received anything on my wishlist from anyone other than close friends and family, I figured I would just check to be sure no one had sent anything.
As I changed the pull-down to show purchased items, wouldnt you know it, someone had sent me something. So I called Amazon to see if I could find out who purchased the item and how it was shipped so maybe I could track it down. Of course since I didnt place the order, they wouldnt give me any information about it other than that the order was placed on December 12th, 2007.
The book that was purchased was Adobe Flex 2: Training from the Source. Since I have read several other bloggers receiving this book from the Flex Team at Adobe, Im assuming thats who sent it.
So guys, if you are reading, I sincerely appreciate the recognition and effort you put forth! My apologies for not paying better attention to my wishlist stuff!
Amazon did state that if the package was returned to them as undeliverable, that you would be receiving a credit for the purchase.

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