April 3rd, 2008 is Good People Day

Just catching up on my tweets and Gary Vaynerchuk is declaring April 3rd, 2008 as “Good People Day”.
Now if you dont know who Gary is, you absolutely must check this out. I have recently been turned on to his blog by one of the guys at LessEverything. If this guy cant motivate and inspire you, then you are not drawing breath!
So, since technically it is April 3rd, Im going to take a few minutes and thank a few of the “Good People” that I know on these here Internets. Since there are so many that I have met over my 10 year career as a developer, I obviously couldnt mention them all here in one post. So here are several that have had a positive impact on not only my development career, but my personal life as well. Keep in mind these are in no particular order as they are just flowing out of my head.
Luis Majano – Developer of the ColdBox framework for ColdFusion. Since joining the ColdBox team, I have gained a new perspective on these guys who develop frameworks. You cant begin to imagine the amount of time that Luis dedicates to ColdBox and to making it better for YOU. And to make YOUR job easier. Not only that, Luis is just a great guy. ALWAYS willing to help and answer questions. A very good person indeed.
Steven Bristol and Allan Branch – Co-founders of LessEverything. One of the best mixes of passionate developers and family oriented guys that you will ever meet. Its so refreshing to see developers who are truly passionate about their work yet dedicate so much time to family and also help to share their experiences with others. When it comes to just cool ass developers that have their priorities straight, you will not find anyone to top these guys!
Brian Rinaldi – Doing as much for the ColdFusion community as anyone! Especially when it comes to opensource! A great guy and super helpful.
The folks at Adobe for doing so much to help the ColdFusion community out! Especially Mike Potter and his team.
All the guys at RubyJax for being so helpful to us Ruby noobs in IRC and to promoting Ruby and Rails in Jacksonville!!
And even though they dont spend much time online, my wife and 3 boys. For being the absolute best family a guy could ask for and more! Thanks for your understanding and patience with me.
Its getting late and thats all I can think of for now, luckily its not quite 1am so I have all day to post about some more “Good People” as they come to mind. You should do the same. Tell us who you think are “Good People” and be sure to tag your post with “GPD08”.

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