I LOVE stumbling onto new features!!

I was just working on some Rails code in Textmate and was trying to hit the CTRL + SHIFT + W shortcut key to enter a new html tag and I accidentally hit the CTRL + SHIFT + T instead.
A small window popped up with a very nice listing of the pre-fixed comments that it found in my code!
One of the habits I picked up while working in CFEclipse is to start comments with TODO: or FIXME:. This allowed CFEclipse to pick them up and display a nice task list for me to work from so I didnt forget anything. I have carried this habit over to Textmate but I always found myself going back and trying to dig them out. This shortcut I stumbled across parses them and lists the stats and file locations for me in a really nice view! It even has a link to the file.

What a nice surprise!

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