JaxFusion Getting Organized

The Jacksonville ColdFusion Users Group (JaxFusion) is starting to get re-organized after some time off. One of the big changes is that the group will expand to not only cover ColdFusion related topics, but also Flex and AIR as well.
Another change will be the meeting location, we are looking for a new location near the Southside somewhere as Downtown was just out of reach for most people in the area after a long day of work. One of the requirements for a meeting location is a projector and preferably a decent internet connection. Since there are quite a few folks in the community now willing to present over Adobe Connect this will ensure some great presentations in the future.
So if you have a suggestion for a location or if you are a Jacksonville business willing to donate some meeting space once a month, please contact David Fekke at david@fekke.com.

2 thoughts on “JaxFusion Getting Organized”

  1. I will be interested in how the group works out with all three topics. I just started a UG in my area for the same topics and its been a bit confusing with some knowing nothing of CF and others know nothing of Flex, etc. Some people love flex, but dont’ like CF as well. Hard to make everyone happy.

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