New SVN Client Versions for OS X Rocks!

I was visiting one of my clients a few weeks ago and one of his ColdFusion developers is a mac user and we got into the topic of SVN clients on OS X. Its a shame that the best SVN client for OS X is still Subclipse for the Eclipse platform.
Well that is until now! He told me about a new SVN client for OS X that was in development called Versions. The beta was yet to be released but based on the screenshots I saw on the site, I quickly gave them my email to notify me of the beta being released.
Yesterday, that email arrived. Its a time limited beta release, it expires on July 1 but right now I dont care! This thing is amazing.
It uses the native OS X interface and man is it beautiful! I havent had too much time to devote to putting it through its paces completely but what I have used so far is awesome. My single favorite feature so far is the Timeline view of the repository. Its much like the timeline view in Trac, where it lists the revision number and the files affected in that revision as well as the commit messages for that revision. Its very clean and easy to read.
If your using OS X and SVN, you owe it to yourself to check out Versions!

9 thoughts on “New SVN Client Versions for OS X Rocks!”

  1. Yeah i’m liking it well so far. I still miss the full OS integration that tortoise offered for pc though. I know there are things that do that for mac as well, but so far they’re not quite as nice from what i’ve seen.

  2. I totally agree. I just installed the beta of Versions yesterday, and it’s already got me over to a textmate/versions combo – instead of cfeclipse/subversion (ok – I was pretty much on textmate from before, but still using eclipse for the SVN stuff).

  3. Nice.. really like the look of versions.. going to play with it more. I did not see how much it will eventually cost.. did you? Also whats your status on the Flex SVN Browser? Keep rockin dude.

  4. Thx for the shout-out Russ 🙂

    @Campbell: Cleanup is actually in there, under the ‘Working Copy’ menu, you can also add it to the toolbar by control-clicking it -> ‘Customize Toolbar…’

    – Dirk

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